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Balls is small game developed in Delphi 7 for academic purproses (OOP).


The rules are very simple: you need to maintain as many points as you can. The points can by achivied onle when destroying balls (the amount of points that you can mantain for destroying ball depends on colour of ball - the number of points if written inside ball). You can swap neighbourhood balls (one swap per turn) by click it on it. In order to the destory the must be a line (horizontal or vertical) of balls with the same colo (min. 3).

There are also bonus balls:
  • Joker - fits to any color, but it is woth 0 points
  • Bouns - fits to specified color, it multiplies player points twice
  • Chameleon - changes color every swap
  • Hourglass - fits to specified color, but it loss 1 point every swap
  • Skull - if destroyed then sets palyer points to 0.


Only polish GUI language available at the moment.




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